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Volvo XC40 1.5 T3 Momentum Pro Geartronic RDesign*RFK*BLI*ACC

€ 37 600


  • 1602      With Assistance Services
  • 2702      With Connectivity
  • 3X01      Alarm Logic Base
  • 6E02      Audio level audio high
  • 7H03     Front anti-roll bar front anti-roll bar 3
  • 8B03     Gearbox/driveline 8-speed automatic
  • 8F04      Infotainment head unit extra variant
  • 8G04     With device mirroring, ACP & AA
  • 8J15      CAR/GEARBOX/DRIVELINE V316 auto 2wd
  • 8N02     IHU LEVEL IHU high
  • 8P1F      CABLE HARNESS TAILGATE Extra variant
  • 8V01     CAR/STEERING/GEARBOX Extra Variant
  • AA07     VEHICLE TYPE V316 XC40
  • BA01     AC COMPRESSORS Mechanical A (140cc)
  • C501     TURBO CONFIGURATION Medium performance
  • CN02     Stop/Start
  • CQ02     With drive mode switch
  • CV02     Active Grillshutter
  • DA02     With Shift By Wire
  • DD02     PEDAL ARRANGEMENT Pedal R-design
  • DF02     GEARBOX,TYPE Automatic gearbox
  • E101      EXPANDING ABSORBER FRONT Absorber Firewall type A
  • EE02      PARKING CLIMATE LEVEL Afterrun parking climate
  • GR02     GRILL TYPE R-design grill
  • JA03      HEADLIGHTS,SYMMETRY R asymmetric
  • JS01       Foglights running even when trailer is connected
  • JT02      FOGLIGHTS IN SPOILER Foglight
  • K202      DAB radio system
  • K502      RADIO, AMP & SPEAKER SYSTEM High Performance audio
  • K601      TELEPHONE NETWORK Telephone system GSM
  • KB02     Drivers Information Module with 12.3 inch screen
  • KG02     Cruise control
  • KK03      USB CONNECTION With USB hub
  • KR02     Adjustable speed limiter
  • L103      with alarm preparation
  • L402      Foot movement detection module
  • L702      With poweroperated tailgate or bootlid
  • L902      KEYLESS ENTRY Passive entry, Personal Car Communicator, incl. remote tag
  • LD01     REAR WIEW MIRROR,LH SIDE LH side rear wiew mirror, wide angle
  • LM01    UNLOCK SETTING Two step unlocking enabled, default OFF, Slam locking disabled
  • LO03     Panic function with light & sound
  • LR02      Dark glasses, rear sidedoor and cargo area
  • LU03     AUTOMATIC LOCKING BY SPEED Automatic Locking by speed enabled, default ON
  • LV03      INTERIOR MOTION SENSOR With interior motion sensor preparation
  • LX02      LOCK TYPE Lock type UNI 2
  • MC02    AIR QUALITY SYSTEM Air Quality System, Multifilter
  • MJ02     Speech
  • MM02   Digital owners manual
  • MS1D    INSTRUCTIONS Owners manual Dutch, with warranty booklet
  • MT04    INSTRUMENT CLUSTER CALIBR. Parameter file for EUROPE
  • N704     CHILD SEAT ATTCHM, LABEL REAR Isofix label, B
  • NC0D    INTERIOR DECOR PANELS R-design Diamond Cut pattern inlays
  • NI03      DRIVERS SEAT Mech adjustable 8-way drivers seat
  • NJ04      PASSENGERS SEAT Mech adjustable 6-way passengers seat
  • NV02     4 way lumbar support
  • P201      Gearshift panel High gloss Black
  • PD02     Interior lightning high version
  • PN03     REAR WIEW MIRROR,TYPE Automatic dimming inner & outer
  • R135     WHEEL 20' 5-Double Spoke Matt Black Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel-920
  • R603     SPARE WHEEL Repair kit
  • RD02     Hill start assist
  • RH02     Post Impact Braking
  • RN02     Hill Descent Control
  • RO02     Road friction indication
  • RP02     RADARTYPE With CADS 4
  • RT02     Heated steering wheel
  • RU0A    STEERING WHEEL Steering wheel, 3 spoke, perforated leather with unideco inlays, white seam, sport
  • RY05     VIBR. DAMPER STEERING WHEEL, version 4
  • SB02      Under Floor Aero KIT
  • SR06      TAILPIPE Double Pipes, Hidden
  • T601      LAMINATED WINDOWS Tempered glass, side & rear windows
  • T702      Rain sensor
  • TB03     WINDSCREEN WIPER Wet arms, heated
  • TM04    DECOR SIDE WINDOWS High gloss black decor side windows
  • TP05      Roof rails integrated Glossy black
  • VB02     With Global Navigation Satellite System
  • VC02     TPMS MENU FUNCTIONS in IHU TPMS, Reset menu
  • VP02     Parking assistance, rear
Eerste inschrijving 2020-08
Cilinderinhoud 1477 ccm
KM stand (km) 26 220
Brandstof Benzine
Vermogen 120 kW 163 PK pk
Emissieklasse EURO 6d-T-E-ISC
Brandstofverbruik (comb.) 6,5 L/km
Transmissie Automaat
Zitplaatsen 5
Bekleding Volledig leder, zwart
Referentie-Nr Volvo XC40 1.5 T3 Momentum Pro Geartronic RDesign*RFK*BLI*AC
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